Welcome to The Modernist Archives Publishing Project (MAPP). This resource, currently under construction, is an international collaborative project that creates and presents research on twentieth-century publishing in order to promote new ways of organizing, interacting with, and using historical information about book culture. We are currently working on the technical and conceptual development of MAPP. The official launch will take place in June of 2017 at the International Virginia Woolf Conference hosted at the University of Reading. 

Posted by Alice Staveley on 08/14/2015 - 04:31

Welcome to our August post from MAPP!  I'll begin recursively, taking us back two months.  June offered up one of the annual delights for us as Woolf scholars: the 25th Annual Virginia Woolf Conference organized by the supremely hospitable and well-organized Julie Vandivere and held this year at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, a beautiful, quintessentially 'leafy-green' college campus in rural Pennsylvania where we felt warmly welcomed not only by the university, but also the entire town (never before has a downtown cinema welcomed conference goers by name and with Woolf's own inimitable visage in blinking bright lights).   206 speakers attended, from 5 continents, and 14 countries.  4 of the 6 MAPP team members (Alice, Elizabeth, Helen, and Nicola) were delighted to have the chance to meet in situ again after a year of Google Hang-Outs.   Our first 'business' meeting actually took place on the 2-hour bus ride from Newark Airport, where along with 50+ garrulous Woolfians, we enjoyed the chance to catch up in person.

Posted by Claire Battershill on 08/11/2015 - 12:56

We’ve had a busy past few months here at MAPP attending conferences and workshops on both sides of the Atlantic. I’ll do a quick round-up here of the papers we’ve given and the discussions we’ve enjoyed at each of these events. 

Our first Spring conference was a poster presentation by Elizabeth at the Digital Diversity conference in Edmonton, Alberta. The conference was held in celebration of 20 years of The Orlando Project, and it is always a pleasure and a privilege to learn from the extensive experience that the Orlando team has to share with the DH and feminist scholarly communities. Our own aim at the conference was to learn from and talk with some of the more established projects on the scene but also to introduce our project to this audience. Our poster therefore gives a bit of a sense of what we’ve been up to and what users of our site can expect to be able to access once we open up some of the archival documents to the public.  

Posted by Claire Battershill on 07/01/2015 - 17:25

Welcome to our brand new project blog!

First of all, if you’re wondering what MAPP is all about, you can head to the “About” page, where you’ll find a brief description of the project. 

This blog is our venue for sharing news of various aspects of MAPP.  There will be at least one regularly scheduled post from one of the six team members once a month (you can get to know a little about us by checking out the “Team” page) and more frequent posts and guest posts at irregular intervals as we have news or reflections to share. We’ll let you know about conferences and workshops we’re attending, fun discoveries from the archives, and work we’re doing with students on the project.  We will also offer here some musings on collaborative work in the humanities, adventures in digital scholarship, and aspects of our various disciplinary interests (which include but are not limited to book history, Woolf studies, modernist and twentieth-century studies, feminism, genre studies, and publishing history).