About the Project

Welcome to The Modernist Archives Publishing Project.   

Why MAPP? 

We all know that books tell stories, but what about the stories not so often told about books: how they are made, designed, published, distributed, marketed, and read?  Where are those stories and why are they meaningful?

What is MAPP? 

The Modernist Archives Publishing Project (MAPP) is a critical digital archive of early twentieth-century publishing history. The goal of this site is to display, curate, and describe the documents that go into the making of a book. 

The MAPP collection is constantly growing and currently contains thousands of images from archives and special collections relating to Virginia and Leonard Woolf’s Hogarth Press including: letters, dust jackets, financial records, paper samples, illustrations, sketches, production sheets, and ephemera. These newly digitized materials are presented along with peer-reviewed biographies, bibliographical information, and other scholarly materials. 

The Hogarth Press

Phase I of MAPP focuses on the Hogarth Press, Virginia and Leonard Woolf’s private publishing firm. MAPP launched at the International Virginia Woolf conference at the University Reading in June 2017. Founded in 1917, the Hogarth Press was Woolf’s sole publisher after 1919, but also a central hub for many diverse artists, writers, politicians, and cultural movers during the interwar years. Read more about the Hogarth Press

Navigating the Site

To get started, we recommend you begin with the “Browse” tab, which will take you into the collections, where you will find information about Presses, about Authors, and about Works. If you know of a specific author, publisher, or text you’d like to look for, you can also “Search” the collections.

The Long Story of MAPP

MAPP has been created by a collaborative international Digital Humanities team working to better understand the history of publishing in the twentieth century. For more on our methodology, our teaching, and our theoretical foundations, please check out our new academic book, Scholarly Adventures in Digital Humanities: Making the Modernist Archives Publishing Project, which details the origins of our collaborations; our thinking about how to co-engage humanistic theory and digital practice; and the pedagogical, public intellectual, and scholarly aspirations of MAPP.

Submissions and Corrections

We invite your collaboration and contribution. Do you work on a modernist author or publisher? Do you collect Hogarth Press books? Do you have biographical information about Hogarth Press authors, readers, or workers? Would you like to write a credited, peer-reviewed entry for the site? Have you used or would you like to use MAPP in the classroom? We would love to hear from you. Please fill out the contact form and a team member will get back to you. The site is a work in progress and is constantly being developed and updated.

The Future 

After the launch of the Hogarth Press resource, MAPP will begin Phase II: using the architecture developed and tested on the Hogarth Press materials, we will create resources for a variety of different publishers in order to restore the unwritten histories of twentieth-century publishing culture.