Letter from John Lehmann to the British Council (08/10/1943)




[[MS 2750/93/59]]


601, Carrington House, Hertford Street, W.1.


E.J.J.Price Esq, 
British Council, (Export Publications Department.) 
The College, 
South Leigh, Witney, Oxon.




Dear Mr. Price,


I have just received a copy of Citadel for August 1943, and note that Mr. E.M.Forster's article The Return from Siwa has been reprinted in it. This article which is taken from Mr. Forster's Pharos and Pharillon is the copyright of The Hogarth Press, and I cannot find that our permission was ever asked. Mr. Forster also assures me that he never gave permission. I should be very much obliged if you could throw any light on the situation.


Yours sincerely,

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Source: MS 2750/93/59

Letter from John Lehmann to the British Council (08/10/1943)


University of Reading, Special Collections

John Lehmann, writes to Mr Price of The British Council to enquire why permission of The Hogarth Press or the permission of E.M.Forster was not sought before printing the article Return from Siwa from Pharos and Pharillon.

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