Letter from Julia Strachey to The Hogarth Press (undated 1932)

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Source: MS 2750/473/3

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Letter from Julia Strachey to The Hogarth Press (undated 1932)



University of Reading, Special Collections

Strachey apologizes to John Lehmann for not sending back the manuscript and hopes she doesn't have to pay the 40 pound fine for breaching the agreement. She is now sending the 2nd copy. Strachey states she is not planning to do the illustrations herself, as she finds them embarrassing. She informs Lehmann that her top choice for illustrator is Barnett Freedman, as he would understand the story best (and that John Banting is away in Harlem, America with Nancy Cunard). Strachey asks if her scribbled manuscript will be sent to America, and if so, requests if someone at the Press can style 2-3 pages, and to send her the respective bill. She will be at the printed address until next Tuesday.


Handwritten letter signed by Julia Tomlin.