Letter from Leonard Woolf to Ian Parsons (23/10/1947)

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[[MS 2750/220/23]]


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Dear Ian,


I return Higham's letter. I imagine we could get Kitchin back if we wanted him as he must have been a complete failure. Crime at Christmas and Death of my Aunt would probably both be worth reprinting if we could afford paper. We did very well with these two books: Death of my Aunt was published 1929 and sold 2800 in first 6 months and the other published 1934 sold about 2200 in first 6 months. Death of my Aunt is referred to as a detective "classic". But I dont [sic] imagine that we can reprint this side of 1949 and he will never do any thing [sic] good again, so that rather reluctantly I suppose we must abandon the books.


I enclose letter from Rosinski. I think we can now well disengage ourselves from him?


Yours | LW [signature]


[handwritten annotation by Ian Parsons] [*Yes, Ian P to return letter to L.W. by hand on 25.10. | Ian P [signature] | 24/10.*]

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Source: MS 2750/220/23

Letter from Leonard Woolf to Ian Parsons (23/10/1947)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Leonard Woolf discusses Pearn Pollinger and Higham's letter and reluctantly decides to disengage from the author. He speaks positively about Crime at Christmas and Death of my Aunt as they did well for the press, stating how many sales they made, but he does not believe the author will create anything else.


Typescript letter signed by Woolf