Letter from S. S. Koteliansky to Aline Burch (30/01/1948)



[[MS 2750/72/10]] 


5, Acacia Road 
St John’s Wood, NW8

Jan  30, [19]48


Dear Miss Burch,

[*Ack by pc*]


Thank you very much for your cheque for £53. 17.6 received this morning.


Will you kindly clear up the following points:


1) You say that Lear of New York paid £25 for permission to use "Stavrogin's Confession" in an Anthology. Miss Newman the other day showed me an American book, entitled "Stavrogin's Confession, published by Lear publications, with [?] names of [?] the translators, and containing only one article by S. Read. It is, therefore, a [illeg.] book, and Lear Publications ought to pay [illeg.] that £25; something like a royalty on copies sold.


2) The first item in your account says: "By 80% of royalties paid for Penguins rights in Gorky;s "Reminiscences." Does this mean that Penguin that Penguin books are to publish Gorky as a Penguin book, or is it a different arrangement. If it were to be a Penguin Book, then it would be [illeg.] £22.10-, but this is four times as much. [illeg.] you kindly explain your arrangement [illeg.] Penguin books.


3) Point two and three in your account says: By "75%, for Tcheckhov's Noteboos, and " G. [orky's] Reminicenses" for broadcasting. What is this exactly, and why 75%: also "Talks with Tolstoy"- ditto.


Don't you think, in future, it would save you expense and trouble, if you directed those [illeg] are interested in the Russian translations straight to me, seeing that all the copyrights in those translations have reverted to me?


Yours sincerely | S. S. Kotelianskly [signature]


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Source: MS 2750/72/10

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Letter from S. S. Koteliansky to Aline Burch (30/01/1948)


University of Reading, Special Collections

S. S. Koteliansky thanks Burch for sending the royalty payment and asks her to clear up more points regarding the finances and copyright of the translation of Stavrogin's Confession.

Handwritten letter signed by Koteliansky