Letter from the Hogarth Press to Percy Lund Humphries & Company (14/05/1945)

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[[MS 2750/554/12]]


Messrs. Percy Lund Humphries & Co. Ltd., 
The Country Press, 



Dear Sirs,




We are in receipt of your letter of May 11th which has crossed with ours to you of May 10th.. We are much disquieted to find that you are only now ready for imposition as it would seem from this that you are not going to be able to keep your promised date of May 15th. This is very serious indeed as the books for the H.M. Stationery Office order will not be accepted by them unless delivered by the date agreed upon. Will you please impose in <accordance> with instructions given in the second paragraph of our letter of May <10th> [words lost] will you please let us know by return of post when you will be dispatch [words lost] to Messrs. Leighton Straker. May we ask you to be good enough to us [words lost] <endeavour> to get the sheets off as soon after the promised date of <May> [words lost] possibly can, as every day’s delay on your part only means that [words lost] will have brought to bear upon the binders. Awaiting <your> [words lost]


 we are | yours faithfully, | for The Hogarth Press,

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Source: MS 2750/554/12

Letter from the Hogarth Press to Percy Lund Humphries & Company (14/05/1945)


University of Reading, Special Collections

The Hogarth Press write in complaint after learning imposition has not yet started; the promised date of delivery was supposed to be the 15th of May, it is a serious complication as the Her Majesty's Stationery Office will not accept books that aren't delivered by the agreed upon date. They ask for the sheets to be delivered as per the second paragraph of their previous letter [MS 2750/554/10] and request that they send the sheets off as soon after the agreed date as possible, as pressure will be born by the binders


Typescript letter with lost text, unsigned