Letter from William Plomer to Leonard Woolf (05/09/1926)



[[MS 2750/351/24]]




5 Sept 1926


Dear Woolf,


I had a sudden chance of going to Japan, so here I am on way after leaving at the shortest imaginable notice!


I don’t know how long I shall be away, but will write from Japan & will try & send you the MS [Manuscript] of the book of short stories so that you can bring it out in the spring.


I am going up to Nairobi for a week now.





I suppose you have no objection to T.W. [Turbott Wolfe] being translated into Japanese? If you have, please send me a cable


c/o To Mr Tajima 
African Line 
Osaka Shosen Kaisha Osaka 


That will be a semi-permanent address for a few weeks.


I’m travelling on a Japanese boat – it is very remarkable. Will write longer later –


Love from | Plomer


Campbell is ill in Durban, he may come to England soon, I have asked him to go & see you.

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Source: MS 2750/351/24

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Letter from William Plomer to Leonard Woolf (05/09/1926)



University of Reading, Special Collections

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Plomer writes in regards to travelling to Japan and that he will try to send a manuscript of a book of short stories so that Woolf can bring it out in the spring. Plomer will also be travelling to Nairobi. He asks if Woolf has any objection to 'Turbott Woolf' being translated into Japanese and provides a Japanese address where he will be staying. He reveals that he is travelling to Japan in a boat. There is a short note at the bottom left of the letter informing Woolf that Campbell may be travelling to England soon and he has asked him to visit.


Handwritten letter signed by Plomer