Letter from John Lehmann to R. P. Friedmann (20/02/1941)

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R.P. Friedmann, Esq., 
Messrs. A. Zwemmer, 
76 Charing Cross Rd. W.C.2.

20th February, 1941.


Dear Mr. Friedmann,


I have been looking into the question of The Memorial and I find that the exact figures are as follows; We have 112 bound copies left, and 260 sheets. We seem to sell between 40 and 50 a year, and I think you will therefore agree that it would hardly be worth our while to sell them off to you at 1/- a copy.


As for Kew Gardens, which Mr. Sloane tells me you were also enquiring about, we have about 30 copies left of this. They do not sell very fast, but still they sell; and I am afraid therefore there is no question of remaindering them. On the other hand, I think my partner and I would be prepared to make a slightly lower price if you wanted to take the lot. The same, of course, applies to The Memorial.


Yours sincerely, | John Lehmann.






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Letter from John Lehmann to R. P. Friedmann (20/02/1941)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Lehmann writes to Friedmann of A. Zwemmer Ltd and discusses the titles The Memorial and Kew Gardens, informing how many copies there are left and how many the press still sell. He states that the press will not be remaindering them. Lehmann makes an offer of a reduced price for both titles


Typescript letter signed by Lehmann