Letter from The Whitworth Art Gallery to The Hogarth Press (20/08/1952)

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[[MS 2750/120/20]]


[pre-printed letterhead] WHITWORTH ART GALLERY OXFORD ROAD MANCHESTER 15 Telephone ARDwick 1880 Hon. Director: Miss M. Pilkington, M.A.




P. Ryland, Esq., 
The Secretary, 
The Hogarth Press Limited, 
40-42 William IV Street, 


[oval printer's stamp; it reads: "RECIEVED | 21 AUG[UST] | 1951 | THE HOGARTH PRESS LTD"]


20th August 1952


Dear Sir,


Thank you very much for your letter and for your kindness in presenting me with the copy of the Rogert Fry woodcuts. I shall be very much interested to have this.


I hope that you may be successful in getting a purchaser for the other copies.


Yours truly, | Margaret Pilkington [signature] | Hon. Director.

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Source: MS 2750/120/20

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Letter from The Whitworth Art Gallery to The Hogarth Press (20/08/1952)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Margaret Pilkington writes to thank The Hogarth Press for allowing her to keep a copy of Twelve Original Woodcuts and wishes them luck in their search of a purchaser for the remaining copies [This letter appears to thank a P. Ryland, which could be a typo and mean to say, P. Raymond]

Typescript letter signed by Pilkington