Letter from William Plomer to Leonard Woolf (26/09/1925)




[[MS 2750/351/16]]


S. Africa


The Manager 
The Hogarth Press 
52 Tavistock Sq. W.C.


26 Sept 1925


Dear Sir,


I am returning by this mail one set of proofs of "Turbott Wolfe", duly corrected. I enclose a list of my corrections in case they are not clear to the printers.


I should be very much obliged if you would be so kind as to arrange with a press-cutting agency to send me any reviews or notices of my book that may appear in English and American papers. Any account in this connection may be rendered direct to me. I am asking you to do me this service because of the difficulty of doing business myself from





this great distance.


Please let me know what is happening about the American edition.


Yours faithfully | William Plomer [signature]





Alterations to the MS of "Turbott Wolfe"


p.20    For "associated with Miss Rosa Grundso, as ugly as sin, and as good as gold." read "associated with the admirable Miss Rosa Grundso."


p.108  Omit entirely "He has a hen's head and snake's eyes."


p.119  Omit entirely "His large bride was uglier than ever, and wore a gown with short sleeves, displaying her fat mottled arms, purpled with toil for her prize. However, she smiled so proudly after the service that her looks were as nothing before the warmth of her heart."


p.125  For "His forehead was more wrinkled than ever, and he continually nodded his head, with its pale bottle-nose and slightly goatish beard." read "His forehead was more wrinkled than ever, and his head he nodded continually."


p.161  For "Fumbatilé" read "Ndabakabani"

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Source: MS 2750/351/16

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Letter from William Plomer to Leonard Woolf (26/09/1925)



University of Reading, Special Collections

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William Plomer sends the corrected proofs of Turbott Wolfe along with a list of corrections in case they are not clear to the printers. He asks if Woolf would be kind to send him press cuttings of any reviews, or notices of his book. He also asks to be kept informed in regards to the American edition. The list of corrections are included with this letter.


Handwritten letter signed by Plomer