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Title Author Genre
Books and the Public Literary Criticism
Britain & America John W. Graham Politics
Cambridge Poetry 1929 Poetry
Cambridge Poetry 1930 Poetry
Cambridge Women's Verse Poetry
Can I Help You? Viola Tree Etiquette
Caste and Democracy (day to day pamphlets no.11) K. M. Panikkar Politics
Castles in the Air The Story of My Singing Days Viola Tree Autobiography
Catchwords and Claptrap Rose Macaulay Literary Criticism
Caught Henry Green Novel
Cavender's House Edwin Arlington Robinson Poetry
Cawdor Robinson Jeffers Poetry
Cezanne: A Study of His Develoment Roger Fry Art and Art Criticism
Challenge to Schools: A pamphlet on Public School Education (day to day pamphlets no.27) Arthur Calder-Marshall Education
Change Your Sky Anna D. Whyte Novel
Channel Packet Raymond Mortimer Novel
Charles Lamb: His Life Recorded by His Contemporaries Edmund Blunden Biography
Chase of the Wild Goose: The Story of Lady Eleanor Butler and Miss Sarah Ponsonby, known as the Ladies of Llangollen Mary Gordon Biography
Cheerful Weather for the Wedding Julia Strachey Novel
Cheiron R. C. Trevelyan Drama