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Title Author Genre
Danger Zones of Europe: A Study of National Minorities John Stephens Politics
Darwin L. B. Pekin Biography
Dawn on Mont Blanc Wilfrid Benson Novel
Daybreak Fredegond Shove Poetry
Daylight: European Arts and Letters Volume 1 (1941) Anthology
Dear Judas and Other Poems Robinson Jeffers Poetry
Death of My Aunt C. H. B. Kitchin Novel
Delius Robert H. Hull Music
Democracy Under Revision H. G. Wells Politics
Deserted House A Poem-Sequence Dorothy Wellesley Poetry
Diet and High Blood Pressure Medicine
Different Days (Hogarth Living Poets No.1) Frances Cornford Poetry
Disarmament Philip J. Noel Baker Politics
Disarmament and the Coolidge Conference Philip J. Noel Baker Politics
Disarmament: A Discussion Arthur Ponsonby Politics
Doting Henry Green
Dream Analysis A Practical Handbook for Psycho-Analysis Ella Freeman Sharpe Psychoanalysis
Drifting Men R. M. Fox Short Fiction
Duineser Elegien Elegies from the Castle of Duino Rainer Maria Rilke Poetry
Duino Elegies Rainer Maria Rilke Poetry