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[[MS 2750/255/121]]


The Manager, 
Book Department, 
East African Standard, 
P.O.Box 380, 
Nairobi, Kenya Colony.




16th September, 1953.


Dear Sir,


With reference to your letter of the 10th of September, we have very carefully considered the question of reprinting Norman Leys’s KENYA. I very reluctantly came to the conclusion that it was not possible to republish it in its original form. If Dr. Leys were still alive, I am sure that would insist upon revising, if not rewriting, the book to a very great extent and I only wish that he were alive to do so. I don’t think that it would be right to tinker with his book in any way and, as it stands, it is of course in some ways out of date. This is why we decided against it and I may say that other publishers who have considered the matter came to the same conclusion.


Yours faithfully | Dictated but not signed by Mr. Woolf