Letter from Donald Brace to Barbara Hepworth (29/05/1944) (copy)

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Letter from Donald Brace to Barbara Hepworth (29/05/1944) (copy)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Donald Brace notifies that he has received the Hogarth Press's letter on New York's House of Book's request for 10 copies of their edition of A Haunted House. He discusses the Hogarth Press supplying his competition, of which this practice he would object to if it happened with greater frequency,but acknowledges The Hogarth Press's need to send out pre-publication copies due to the demand for a first English edition.

Brace goes on to discuss the difference of this matter if the importation of copyrighted English editions happened after copyright has been settled in America. He informs that this is illegal and that customs should actually refuse entry of these copies. However sometimes illegal importations slip through and he warns the The Hogarth Press to be mindful of this.

Typescript letter signed by Brace