Letter from Donald Brace to Leonard Woolf (8/12/1927)

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[[MS 2750/539/2]]




Leonard Woolf, Esq. 
c/o The Hogarth Press 
52 Tavistock Square 
London, W.C.1


December 8, 1927.


Dear Mr. Woolf:


I was glad to receive yesterday your letter of November 24th and the manuscript of "Imperialism and Civilization." I have already told you that there is no question that we shall want to publish the book. Now that I have had a chance to look at it I think it will be best for us to set it up and copyright it here. I found it very interesting, and also it seems to suggest the possibility of a certain amount of educational use. Accordingly, I am sending you a brief agreement in duplicate, both copies signed by us. If you find the agreement satisfactory, will you not sign and return one copy? I am providing for a royalty of 10%, rising to 15% after the sale of 3,000 copies. I do not suggest an advance on account of royalty; I don't expect we can count on much immediate sale and the amount of advance that seems justified would be perhaps too small to bother about.


Since the manuscript is completed so early and since I gather that you will be publishing it quite soon, I think we ought to plan also to publish it in the spring, and I have taken steps to have it included in our spring list. It will be best for us to set from your finally corrected proofs, and I take it for granted you do not require this manuscript to be returned. At any rate, we have use for it at the moment for our preliminary work, and if you want it back it can be returned at once upon hearing from you.


With all good wishes, | Sincerely yours, | Donald Brace [signature]



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Letter from Donald Brace to Leonard Woolf (8/12/1927)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Donald Brace provides a quote and a suggested timeline for the printing of Leonard Woolf's Imperialism and Civilization.


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