Letter from Ermengard Maitland to Leonard Woolf (c October 1950) [1]

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Source: MS 2750/451/8

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Letter from Ermengard Maitland to Leonard Woolf (c October 1950) [1]


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Ermengard Maitland writes to seek advice on Fredegond Shove's writings and poems after Shove's death, stating that she has extracted over 300 pieces of work from Shove's home including her note books, providing details on the work she has found. She comments on Shove's difficult handwriting. Maitland mentions Shove becoming a Roman Catholic and the influences of this on her work and goes into detail about rejection Shove had received from Faber and Faber after attempting to publish her work (Shove's last attempt to publish her work). Maitland also informs that she has contacted Faber and Faber herself after attempting to get Shove's poems published and has received another rejection, she asks Leonard Woolf if he would be willing to look at a selection of Shove's work. She offers to visit and reminds Woolf that he published Daybreak.

handwritten letter signed by Maitland