Letter from Hope Mirrlees to John Lehmann (19/4/1944)



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B.H*1: Have [?] their[?] terms?


[pre-printed letterhead] Shamley Wood, Shamley Green, Guildford.


April 19.1944


Dear Mr Lehmann -


Thank you for your letter. I cannot at the moment lay my hands on the contract for The Life of the Archprisst [sic] Avvakum. So will you kindly give me the terms (if any) that apply to American republication. Till I know what those are I cannot give my approval on behalf of the Estate of the late Miss Jane Harrison, by myself, to the incorporation of The

[*send to L.S.W.*2*]




Life of Avvakum in this anthology.


I am | Yours very truly - | Hope Mirrlees [signature] -



1 Barbara Hepworth

2 Leonard Sidney Woolf

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Letter from Hope Mirrlees to John Lehmann (19/4/1944)



University of Reading, Special Collections

A letter from Hope Mirrlees asking for a copy of the contract and the terms for American republication. Without this, she feels unable to give permission to Sheed and Ward for their reprint, on behalf of herself or the estate of Jane Harrison.

Handwritten letter signed by Mirrlees