Letter from John Lehmann to Mr. Joiner (23/06/1932)

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[[MS 2750/561/3]]


18 Took's Court, Chancery Lane.






Dear Mr. Joiner,


I am afraid I may have been a little vague of the telephone yesterday. We have carefully considered the question of a signed edition of this work. We did not, as you know, ever intend to have a special signed and numbered edition, but we were interested to know that you had particularly enquired whether there was to be any such edition, and we have now come to the following decision. We will not have any copies numbered, but we are prepared to sell you a small number of copies simply signed by Mrs. Woolf, at a price of 10/- (Ten shillings) each. There would be no definite restriction on the number so to be signed, and we would, of course, have to supply any other bookseller who asked with such copies at the same price. We would not make any conditions about the price at which you would offer them to the public.


If this proposition interests you, we would like to hear your views as soon as possible.


As to the other matter we discussed, are we to take it that you definitively wish to ship 300 each of FAMILY HISTORY and THE COMMON READER II to America, in the same way as before ? If so, we will at once write for the consent of the respective publishers.


Yours faithfully, | THE HOGARTH PRESS. | [faint handwritten signature] | John F.Lehmann.

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Source: MS 2750/561/3

Letter from John Lehmann to Mr. Joiner (23/06/1932)


University of Reading, Special Collections

John Lehmann follows up on a phone call to Mr. Joiner regarding a signed and numbered edition of Letter to a Young Poet and agrees to sell a few signed copies, as well as asks for confirmation on a shipping order to America.


Typescript letter signed by Lehmann