Letter from Julia Strachey to The Hogarth Press (11/04/1932)

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Source: MS 2750/473/1

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Letter from Julia Strachey to The Hogarth Press (11/04/1932)



University of Reading, Special Collections

Julia Strachey informs John Lehmann that she has enclosed the duplicate contract for Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, which she has signed. Strachey requests the manuscript back for final revisions and asks if May 8th is a good date for it to be returned to the Press (as it is the date for another postponement). Strachey suggests the illustrator could be the one who had illustrated the deluxe edition of Siegfried Sassoon's latest war book. Strachey believes the illustrations are similar to Carrington's illustrations, who were supposed to illustrate her book first. She also asks if the drawings could be in colour.


Handwritten letter signed by Julia Tomlin.