Letter from Leonard Woolf to E.M.Forster (08/07/1922)



[[MS 2750/93/4]]


8 July, 1922


Dear Morgan,


I suggest that the acknowledgment might be on page 6, the Contents being on page 5 and the Introduction beginning on page 7. Would you approve of this or would you prefer the acknowledgment to be on page 4 facing the Contents? And will you send the wording of the acknowledgment?


I enclose Royalty.


Col. Williams did not do his second part. I had a long talk with him about native states. He is somewhat of an interesting man. He knows Gwalior, Rikanir, and Nepal well. Gwalior, he says, has only one idea really, namely to overrun India as soon as we go down. Napal too, he says, would fall upon fatter valley[?] sheep of Bengal as soon as there was an opportunity.  He was very much against the Chiefs, and insisted upon the danger of the present pro-Chief policy. We walked up Whitehall arm in arm and I began to think I was back "in the Service."  I must tell you more when we meet.







1. Leonard Woolf

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Source: MS 2750/93/4

Letter from Leonard Woolf to E.M.Forster (08/07/1922)


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Woolf replies in regard to the acknowledgment and asks for the wording. He mentions Colonel William and his last meeting with him which he shares in the letter.

Typescript letter signed by Woolf