Letter from Leonard Woolf to E.M.Forster (23/02/1926)




[[MS 2750/93/46]]


E. M. Forster, Esq., 
West Hackhurst, 
Abinger Hammer. Dorking.


February 23rd. 1926.


Dear Morgan:


I have told Clark to reprint 1,500 copies of "Pharos" and then distribute the type. This ought to last us at least ten years. I am not having moulds made, because, although they are cheap, they making of plates from them is as costly as re-setting, so that you only save on the second edition after the plates are made. Also the process of reproducing by photography has been so much improved lately that I should seriously consider it if we had to re-print a book. It is cheaper than re-setting or making plates.


We have dealt with the hen partridge or goose.


Yours | Leonard Woolf [signature]

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Reproduced with permission from Penguin Random House  UK archive and library, with thanks to the Society of Authors

Source: MS 2750/93/46

Letter from Leonard Woolf to E.M.Forster (23/02/1926)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Woolf informs that he has asked R. & R. Clark to reprint 1500 copies and that the copies should last them 10 years. He replies to Forster's prior questions about moulds and that he is not having them made. He mentions that reproduction by photography has improved so much that they should consider using this method for reprinting. He ends the letter referring to the 'goose' that Forster mentions in [MS 2750/96/45].

Typescript letter signed by Woolf