Letter from Leonard Woolf to Norman Leys (02/08/1924)




[[MS 2750/255/17]]


Monk's House
Near Lewes


2 August, 1924


Dear Leys,


I enclose a form of agreement for your approval. For Clause 3 I suggest that the following should be inserted:


3.         The author agrees to pay to the Publishers the actual total costs of production and publication which shall include the costs of printing, binding, advertizing, circularizing, and distributing, together with a commission of 10% of the published price of each copy sold. The publisher agrees to account for and pay over to the author all sums received by him from the sale of the said book.


In place of Clauses 5 and 6, I suggest:-


5.         If the Publishers issue special editions for sale in America or in the British Dominions beyond the seas, or if they sell the American or Colonial rights or sheets of the said work, they shall pay over to the author the actual net receipts from such sale after deducting a commission of 15% of the actual net receipts.


To Clause 7 should be added the words "and the stock shall remain the property of the author".


I return Unwin's letters. I have read Chapter XV and do not think that there is any real necessity to cut everything anything. The more I read the book the better I like it.


I will ask the printer to return you Chapters XI, XIV, and XV at once, so that you may correct them. I am not going to send him Chapter XV at all and shall return it direct to you for emendations, as we have asked him for an approximate estimate reckoning the last two chapters at 16000 words.


Will you return me the copy of the agreement with any remarks


Yours sincerely | Leonard Woolf [signature]


I return the y unrevised Chapter XV as I think you may want it.

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Source: MS 2750/255/17

Letter from Leonard Woolf to Norman Leys (02/08/1924)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Leonard Woolf encloses an agreement for Leys approval and amends clauses. He also returns 'Unwin's' letter. Woolf asks for him to return a copy of the agreement and states he will ask the printers to return some of his chapters.


Typescript signed by Woolf