Letter from Leonard Woolf to Norman Leys (19/03/1926)

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[[MS 2750/255/102]]


Dr. Leys, 
Brailsford. Nr. Derby.


March 19th. 1926


Dear Leys:


I have had estimates from the printer with regard to the cheap edition and I enclose a statement working out the cost of a first printing of alternatively 1,000 and 2,000 copies, binding in stiff paper cover, and allowing Fifty Pounds for advertising. The statement also estimates for receipts at the published price of 4s. 6d. I enclose a copy of the printer's letter which gives the price for binding in limp cloth, plain boards, and plain cloth alternatively, so that you can see the additional cost in each of these cases. My own opinion is that if it is to be a 4s, 6d. book it must be bound in stiff paper. I can send you a dummy copy in stiff paper if you like to see it. What do you feel about the figures, and is there any question connected with them which you would like me to give my opinion on?


Yours, | Leonard Woolf [signature]

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Source: MS 2750/255/102

Letter from Leonard Woolf to Norman Leys (19/03/1926)



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Leonard Woolf writes regarding estimates for a cheap edition of Kenya and encloses a printer's letter.


Typescript letter signed by Woolf