Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (02/09/1925)

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[[MS 2750/255/80]]


2nd, Sept[ember]. 1925


Dear Woolf.,


I didn't answer your suggestions about an American Edition because I am far too ignorant to judge. I should imagine anyhow that anything of the sort should have coincided with the sending of copies to America for review. I suppose you will wait until you get some kind of offer - unless of course you arrange for an American agency for your





whole publishing business which surely your increasing prosperity will soon make neccesary.


Andrews*1 writes to say that some of his Indian friends want to have a translation of parts of 'Kenya' into Hindi! I have told him to communicate any definite proposal to you.


Please send one copy of 'Kenya' [*P] to James Maxton Esq. M.P., Beechwood, Barrhead, near Glasgow. I concieved a great admiration for him at Easton Lodge. His ignorance about a variety of things is remediable and he [...]


[paragraph and valediction continued sideways along the top right of the page]


has all the natural qualities needed for a leader of the whole movement.


Yours | Norman Leys [signature]





1. Charles Freer Andrews

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Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (02/09/1925)



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Norman Leys writes to state that he feels to ignorant to judge on an American edition. He also states that someone has requested a Hindi translation and asks for some copies to be sent and provides a list of names.