Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (17//02/1926)




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17 . 2 . [19]26


Dear Woolf,




I see no sense in having a cheap edition at all unless I could hope for a big sale. (I have hurt my finger & can scarcely write.) I have failed to find any of the large "organizations and societies" you mention - failed to find any who are ready to do anything in the matter. Also I suspect that considerable expenditure on advertising is more likely to turn a small loss into a large one





than the reverse.


So it seems to me I ought to investigate the advisability of getting the cheap ed[ition]. published by a firm with a large selling organisation, though I should greatly regret such a change. If I did that you would get the royalty to which morally and for all I know legally as well you are entitled.


I certainly wont [sic] approach Allen and Unwin. But I should be grateful for the names of the three







firms who in your judgement would serve my purpose best. They ought to have branches and or agents in India, Capetown [sic] and the U.S.A.


What I should like best would be to find a publisher (preferably yourself) who in return for £50 from me would publish 3000 or 4000 copies at 4/6 and sell them as best he could.


Yours sincerely | Norman Leys [signature]







I have just referred to our agreement wherein it is clear


1. That you could insist on publishing the cheap edition yourself.


2. That your allowing me to get it published elsewhere is in effect the surrender of a substantial probable profit.


3. That if I do publish elsewhere you are clearly





entitled to a royalty.


Norman Leys [signature]

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Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (17//02/1926)



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Norman Leys discusses whether or not he would like a cheap edition of Kenya and if she should investigate the advisability of one, and who should publish it.


Handwritten letter signed by Leys