Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (24/04/1925)

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[[MS 2750/255/69]]




Dear Woolf,


I had hoped to call on your wife on the 29th and ask her for a cup of tea. But it looks as if the report which was to have been discussed may not be out for weeks yet. I hear it is to comprise a full fledged policy, a kind of ten year programme. Rather an ambitious effort for 3 m.p.s to make after a three weeks' experience spent solely in listening to what the authorities wanted them to hear. It is 11 weeks since they





began to write this report. Obviously these have been weeks of struggle between London and Nairobi. Easy enough to spot the winner. I vividly remember my premature rejoicing when Harcourt put his foot down in 1911. Nairobi will always win. Nothing can ever be done until a new kind of Governor is sent out.


When am I to get my 3 copies of the 2nd ed. and the 3 of the first? Soon, I hope. I do hope Ormsby Gore attacks me in the forth coming debate with violence sufficient to sell 200 copies. I fear his vituperative powers are not great.


Yours Sincerely | Norman Leys [signature]

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Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (24/04/1925)



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Norman Leys writes to say that he meant to meet with Virginia but the report he was waiting to discuss is not available for weeks. He asks when he is to recieve copies of the second and first edition. He discusses an upcoming debate and hopes that it will help him sell copies.