Letter from the British Broadcasting Corporation to John Lehmann (03/12/1945)

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[[MS 2750/555/1/12]]


[pre-printed letterhead] THE BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION Broadcasting House, London, W.1.


Mr. John Lehmann, 
The Hogarth Press, 




3rd December, 1945.


Reference: 03/CT/EML


Dear Mr. Lehmann,


Confirming the arrangement made with your office to-day by telephone, we are proposing to distribute to the Spanish speaking countries of Latin America, in connection with the London Transcription Service, the talk "Selected Pages of English Prose" - Virginia Woolf, including a translation of approximately 1,200 words from "Street Haunting" (An Adventure in London), as broadcast in the Latin American transmission on the 9th May.


We are very grateful to you for having given permission for the use of this work for transcription purposes, and are now arranging payment of a further fee of £3.17s. for this extract.


Yours sincerely, | E M Lewis Layton [signature] | (E.M. Lewis Layton.) | Copyright Department.

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Letter from the British Broadcasting Corporation to John Lehmann (03/12/1945)


University of Reading, Special Collections

E. M. Lewis Layton confirms the arrangement made to distribute Virginia Woolf's Selected Pages of English Prose and to broadcast a translation of Street Haunting to the Spanish speaking countries of Latin America on May 9th.


Typescript letter signed by Layton