Letter from The British Council to John Lehmann (22/10/1943)

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[[MS 2750/93/62]]


[pre-printed letterhead] THE BRITISH COUNCIL 3 HANOVER STREET LONDON, W.1.


The College,
South Leigh,
Near Witney,
Tel: Witney 325.


John Lehmann, Esq., 
The Hogarth Press, 
Pixmore Avenue, 
Letchworth, Herts.


22nd October, 1943.




Dear Mr. Lehmann,


Thank you for your letter of the 19th October regarding the piracy of Mr. Forster's article. The piracy of the article by Virginia Woolf had not been brought to my notice. I am afraid I can do no more than immediately send an even more strongly worded cable to Cairo than has already been sen<t>, and demand a full list of copyright material that has been reprinted without authority.


When I am in possession of this information, we will then naturally make all amends that are within our power. I am in entire sympathy with your resentment, over these piracies which have taken place without any authority from the British Council whatsoever and without the knowledge of the Council's London office, which regards any infringement of British copyright in a very serious light.


I can only ask you in the meantime to accept our apologies for what has happened, and to wait until we have the necessary information to deal with the whole question in a satisfactory manner.


I understand from my colleague Mr. Lindsay that you saw him recently and no doubt he was able to discuss this question with you.


Yours sincerely, | M Fernald. [signature] | (Mrs. M. Fernald).

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Letter from The British Council to John Lehmann (22/10/1943)


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Mrs M. Fernald apologises for the cases of copyright infringement and explains that both cases have happened without the British Council's authority. She awaits further information.

Typescript letter signed by Fernald