Internal note relating to 'The Life of the Archpriest Avvakum' (30/3/1944)



[[MS 2750/7/33]]






1. Sheed & Ward. I think we might give permission for inclusion of Avvakum in the anthology on payment of fee of S/[?] 75 dollars, but before we do so we should get approval of Hope Mirrlees. [*32 Beauchamp Place SW3*].


2. I return correspondence of C de B Murray. I think we should refuse this because (1) of paper, (2) we dont want to do commission books for individuals, (3) the book is almost certainly not good enough


LW*2 [signature]


[*write to Mrlees [sic]*3*] again.


[*1.[ Write to [one word illeg.] .*] [*P.*]


[*2. Write to Sheed.*]



*1John Lehman

*2 Leonard Woolf

*3 Hope Mirrlees

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Source: MS 2750/7/33

Internal note relating to 'The Life of the Archpriest Avvakum' (30/3/1944)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Note with reference J. L. (John Lehmann) advising Sheed and Ward be allowed to reprint Avvakum for a fee. Note includes details of refusing a book by C de B Murray.

Typescript note with handwritten annotation, initialled by Leonard Woolf