Letter from W. Collins Sons & Co to Leonard and Virginia Woolf (09/01/1934)




[[MS 2750/572/15]]


[pre-printed letterhead] W. COLLINS SONS & CO. LTD. Publishers 48 Pall Mall London S.W.1.


The Editor, 
Leonard and Virginia Woolf, 
The Hogarth Press, 52 Tavistock Square, W.C.1.


9th January, 1934.


Dear Sir,


We are preparing a Manual of English Literature for educational purposes in which we should like to reproduce an extract from [*"*]ORLANDO, a [*A*] b [*B*]iography[*"*] by Mrs Woolf, the actual text being p. 33, line 18: "The Great Frost was, historians tell us, the most severe that ever visited these islands".... to p. 38: "The stranger's name, he found, was The Princess Marousha Stanilovska Dagmar Natasha Ihana Romanovitch, and she had come in the train of the Muscovite Ambassador, who was her uncle perhaps, or perhaps her father, to attend the Coronation."


We should also like to reproduce an extract from Mrs Woolf's TO THE LIGHTHOUSE, the actual text being Section 17, p. 129, line 25: " - 'But what have I done with my life?' thought Mr. Ramsay" .... to p. 173, line 5: ".... her shoulder, already the past."


Could you possibly give us permission to do this?


Faithfully yours, | Wm. COLLINS SONS & CO. LTD. | W. Parrish. [signature]


[there is a large tick under the signature]


[*For reply see Orlando file 12.1.[19]34.*]

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Letter from W. Collins Sons & Co to Leonard and Virginia Woolf (09/01/1934)


University of Reading, Special Collections

William Parish requests permission to use passages from Orlando and To the Lighthouse for a Manual of English Literature


Typescript letter signed by Parrish [unidentified first name]. Featuring pencil annotations added by The Hogarth Press dated the 12th of January.