Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (10/03/1925)




[[MS 2750/255/61]]




Dear Woolf,


Your telegram is mysterious to me for several reasons. I sent you the new preface last night, for one thing. I dont [sic] see how when sales have varied so little the wisdom of a second edition can have been highly doubtful a fortnight ago and excessively urgent today. Also I wont [sic] allow any reprint without getting at least a dozen errata corrected. If it would





help you can tell Clark there will be a second ed. of 1000 copies, so that he can make preparatory arrangements. I say that on the assumption that your are confident agreement will be easy when we meet next week. But Clarke  mus'nt [sic] start printing until I have seen you and we decide everything definitely. I have many questions to ask.


Yours | Norman Leys [signature]

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Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (10/03/1925)



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Norman Leys writes regarding a telegram, he has sent a new preface but wonders why a second edition reprint is now so urgent. He refuses to allow a reprint without correcting errata. He asks if R. & R. Clark can be told to print 1000 copies, but not to start until he has made his final decisions.


handwritten letter signed by Leys