Letter from the Hogarth Press to the Garden City Press (12/04/1939)

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[[MS 2750/538/1/9]]


The Garden City Press Ltd., 


12th April, 1939.


Dear Sirs,


The Hotel[.] What I Believe[.] The New Realism[.] Antiquarian Prejudice[.]


Thank you for your efforts in delivering the four above books to accord with our programme. I must, however, point out the following errors. (i) Against your usual practice you have <omitted> FIRST PUBLISHED 1939 on the verse of the title-page in The Hotel and What I Believe; (ii) Your imprint is not uniform. It appears on the last page of Antiquarian Prejudice and What I Believe, but on the verse of the title-page in Spender: The New Realism. (iii) The size of STEPHEN SPENDER on the title-page of The New Realism is not uniform in size with the author’s name on the othert wo [sic] pamphlets. (iv) You have not deleted the inverted commas at the end of the dedication of Antiquarian Prejudice, (v) The copies of Forster: What I Believe were very badly packed.


The mistake in the dedication of Antiquarian Prejudice is particularly serious, as owing to the need for haste page proofs were not submitted to the author but we undertook that all corrections should be correctly carried out.


Yours faithfully, | THE HOGARTH PRESS, | Manager. [Letter is unsigned, but a cross-reference with MS 2750/538/1/7 suggests that it was written by Barbara Hepworth, especially considering typescript and valediction style, but this is not verified.]

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Source: MS 2750/538/1/9

Letter from the Hogarth Press to the Garden City Press (12/04/1939)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Archival Folder:

Letter from the Hogarth Press to the Garden City Press concerning errors in the printings of four titles: The Hotel by Leonard Woolf, What I Believe by E. M. Forster, The New Realism by Stephen Spender, and Antiquarian Prejudice by John Betjeman. Typescript letter unsigned