Letter from Aline Burch to McKenna & Co (15/05/1950)



[[MS 2750/510/15]]




Messrs. McKenna & Co., 
12 Whitehall, 
London, S.W.1.


15th May, 1950.


Dear Sirs,


re: Estate of Sir Hugh Walpole dec’[ease]d


Thank you for your letter of May 11.


A letter to a Modern Novelist 1s. In the contract for this pamphlet, we paid Sir Hugh Walpole an advance of £10 on account of 10% of the published price on the first 3000 copies sold, and 15% thereafter. Actually the advance has not yet been earned and there is still a small balance of £1.7.1d. due to us, before any royalties are due to the estate. The book is in print and sells a few copies a year.


In the case of the Omnibus Volume of The Hogarth Letters, we paid the authors 1d. per copy sold. This book is now out of print.


We have not published any other books by Sir Hugh.


Yours faithfully, | for The Hogarth Press Ltd.



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1. Aline Burch

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Source: MS 2750/510/15

Letter from Aline Burch to McKenna & Co (15/05/1950)


University of Reading, Special Collections


Aline Burch

The Hogarth Press informs McKenna & Co that the contract for A Letter to a Modern Novelist provided Hugh Walpole an advance  of 10 pounds, then 10% of the published price on the first 3000 copies and 15% after. The Press state that the advance hadn't been earned and 1.7.1d is due back to the Press before any royalties. The Press adds that the book still sells a few copies annually. For the now-out-of-print Omnibus volume, the Pres's paid 1d per copy. The Press also inform that  they published no other works from Walpole.


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