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[[MS 2750/255/68]]


15th March 1925


Dear Woolf,


Why suggest that I called you a liar or wrote anything suggesting that you might be?


All I complained of was that you had used ambiguous and to some extent inconsistent language on a matter of great importance to me. I wont [sic] refer to the matter any more.


I hope you will not regard my still unanswered questions as so unreasonable as to refuse to answer them. For example,





did you or did you not send copies for review to the papers of which I sent you a list, in particular, The Crisis (New York) The Modern Churchman, The British Medical Journal?


Yours | Norman Leys [signature]

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Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (15/03/1925)



University of Reading, Special Collections

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Norman Leys rebuts against Leonard Woolf's last letter. He states that he does not like ambiguous and inconsistent language. He also wants Leonard Woolf to respond to unanswered questions. Leys asks if Woolf has sent copies to the papers he has asked him to.


Handwritten letter signed by Leys