Letter from B. W. Huebsch to Leonard Woolf (15/07/1932)

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Source: MS 2750/473/23

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Letter from B. W. Huebsch to Leonard Woolf (15/07/1932)



University of Reading, Special Collections

B. W. Huebsch informs Leonard Woolf that he has enclosed an agreement for Julia Strachey's next book, and states the later the publication date of Cheerful Weather for the Wedding the better, as he believes the Viking Press won't publish before 1933. Huebsch explains that the contract was drawn with the Hogarth Press as the agent, although Woolf cannot be proprietor due to American income tax laws, as tax withheld on royalties are payable higher on stock companies than individuals.


Typescript letter signed by B. W. Huebsch. Handwritten note by Huebsch, suggesting that Strachey adds her signature and approval to confirm the option, especially if her future book is to be published by another publisher.