Letter from B. W. Huebsch to Leonard Woolf (21/07/1932)

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Source: MS 2750/473/25

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Letter from B. W. Huebsch to Leonard Woolf (21/07/1932)



University of Reading, Special Collections

B. W. Huebsch informs Leonard Woolf that he has returned the agreement to withdraw Canada from the Viking Press' territory for Cheerful Weather for the Wedding; Huebsch is disappointed by Canada's withdrawal, stating that the Viking Press is organized to sell in Canada and now must exercise more care to not overlap with the Hogarth Press' territory. Additionally, it is harder to sell Book Club rights and Cheap Edition rights if Canada isn't included. Huebsch states that Strachey's book is unlikely to be chosen for either, as it is too short, but suggests the Hogarth Press make Canada an open market. If not, Huebsch suggests giving Canada to the Viking Press to be able to sell the book to a Book Club or Cheap Edition publisher.

Typescript letter signed by B. W. Huebsch. Handwritten note by Huebsch, requesting that Strachey sends a photograph and description of herself for publicity purposes.