Can I Help You?

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Virginia Parsons, dust jacket of "Can I Help You?"

Source: E.J. Pratt Library

Can I Help You?





Dust Jacket Designer:

An etiquette book 'for all classes,' this is a guide to many aspects of social life, from hosting dinner parties to ending love affairs. Its subtitle, 'Your Manners ' Menus ' Amusements ' Friends ' Make-Ups ' Travel ' Calling ' Children ' Love Affairs' indicates the wide variety of subjects about which Tree offers advice and opinionated commentary. The only book of its kind to be published by the Press, this volume was one of only two books to be categorized under the miscellaneous 'General' category in the 1939 Catalogue of the Press. Viola Tree was the advice columnist for the Sunday Dispatch and based her selection of topics on the kinds of questions she received in her work. The book was illustrated by her daughter, Virginia Parsons.