Letter from Leonard Woolf to William Plomer (01/02/1925)



[[MS 2750/351/3]]


William Plomer Esq 
South Africa


1 February, 1925


Dear Sir,


The Ms[Manuscript]. of your novel has arrived and I have read sufficient of it already to see that it is very interesting. I should like to take some time to read it carefully and I should also like my wife*1, who is at the moment ill, to read it before we come to any definite decision. There is however one point which I hope you will not mind my raising frankly at once. From a cursory reading, it seems to me that the book is to a certain extent autobiographical. In some cases, if any of the characters are identifiable as persons actually now living, very awkward questions of libel might be raised. Could you let me know whether in fact any of the characters could be identified in this way?


Yours sincerely | Leonard Woolf [signature]



* Endnote


1. Virginia Woolf

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Source: MS 2750/351/3

Letter from Leonard Woolf to William Plomer (01/02/1925)



University of Reading, Special Collections

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Leonard Woolf writes in response to being sent Plomer's manuscript. He wishes to share it with Virginia who is presently unwell. He also raises questions concerning libel as he believes the work to be semi-autobiographical,  asking if any of the characters in the work are based on living people; if so he wishes to know whether anyone will be able to be identified.