Letter from the Labour Publishing Co. Ltd. to Leonard Woolf (22/04/1926)

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Leonard Woolf Esq., 
Hogarth House, 
Paradise Road, 
Richmond. Surrey.


22nd April 1926.


Dear Woolf,


I wonder if we could clear up the little matter of EMPIRE & COMMERCE IN AFRICA at this stage. The position in regard to this book was as follows:-


When it was in the hands of the Labour Research Department we had the copies ON SALE OR RETURN, cataloguing them as our own books and including them where suitable in our advertisements, and under our general arrangement with the Labour Research Department we paid half the price for all copies sold. They then retransferred the book to you and you reduced it to 7/6. We correspondingly reduced it in our catalogue to 7/6 but were then invoiced for copies by you not at half that price but at 2/3rds, which would be your natural course in default of any special arrangement. From our point of view, however, this is somewhat unsatisfactory, because we are supplying the trade with the book and therefore have to give discounts which are often as large as 33 1/3%, so that in the circumstances it would be better worth our while not to have it upon our catalogue or to stock it at all, but merely to refer any order to you. We should be sorry, however, to do this, and I thought the simplest way was to write and ask you whether you could not let us have them, as the Labour Research Department was letting us have them, at half price or at any rate at something better than 33 1/3% discount.


Could you let me know as soon as possible and we would then adjust your invoice accordingly and get the matter straight?


Yours sincerely, | B.N. Langdon-Davies [signature] | Managing Director.

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Letter from the Labour Publishing Co. Ltd. to Leonard Woolf (22/04/1926)


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B. N. Langdon-Davies requests new terms for the sale of Empire and Commerce in Africa. Typescript letter signed by Langdon-Davies