Letter from the Garden City Press to the Hogarth Press (31/01/1947)



[[MS 2750/558/010]]


[pre-printed letterhead] THE GARDEN CITY PRESS LTD. LETCHWORTH: HERTS. Letterpress Printers, Bookbinders, Stationers.





The Hogarth Press, 
40-42 William IV Street, 


31st January, 1947.


Dear Sirs,


In reply to your letter of 29th January, we have made up a few hundred copies of “Reviewing”, but we have now held up the balance, and will not proceed until we receive your further instructions.


Regarding “Jacob’s Room”, we find that the old brasses are too wide for the present edition, and enclose a pull of new lettering for your approval, together with a size case.


In connection with your Order 9026 of 28th January for three titles, we assume that these are not orders additional to those already in hand, as the quantities coincide with orders previously given for the same three titles; i.e. 3,000 copies “Jacob’s Room” on your order 62 of the 5th September 1946, 2,000 copies “Tragedy” on your order 60 of 23rd July 1946, and 2,500 copies “Selected Poems of Lorca” on your order 64 of 5th September, 1946.


Pending any revised instructions, we are regarding Order 9027 as a duplication of these.


Yours faithfully, | THE GARDEN CITY PRESS LTD., | R. A. Warner [signature]





1. R. A. Warner 
2. Cherrell Newman 
3. Aline Burch

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Letter from the Garden City Press to the Hogarth Press (31/01/1947)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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R. A. Warner writes concerning the lettering for Virginia Woolf's, Jacob's Room and their order for Tragedy, Selected Poems of Lorca, and Reviewing.

Typescript letter signed by R. A. Warner