The Gentleman from San Francisco and other stories


Ivan Bunin


A collection of short stories translated from the Russian. The title story was translated by D. H. Lawrence whose name was omitted by mistake and inserted with a correction slip. The stories are on a variety of subjects and are mostly narrated in the third person. Bunin’s style (at least as it comes across in translation) is often lyrical and his sentences complex. His endings tend towards elegant imagery: “The second evening, and the third evening, still they danced, amid a storm that swept over the ocean, booming like a funeral service, rolling up mountains of mourning darkness silvered with foam” (37) but there is always an undercurrent of darkness. In one particularly disturbing tale, “Gentle Breathing,” in which a teenage girl is raped and then murdered by her rapist.


Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky Leonard Woolf David Herbert Lawrence


Short Fiction

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Woolmer 19

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